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2012 Triple P Seminar Schedule

2012 Triple P Seminar Schedule

This information is for 2013.

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The Triple P Seminar Series

The Triple P Seminar Series is a collaboration between the Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC) at The University of Queensland and the Parenting and Family Research Group (PFRG) based at The University of Auckland. The aim of The Triple P Seminar Series is to inform and update on the range of different research projects that the PFSC and the PFRG are currently involved with. This will include postgraduate PhD projects, post-doctorial work, grant research, and national and international collaborations. The content of these presentations can vary from an upate on the progression of the research project, presentation of results, or a presentation regarding the aim of the intended research area.

The Triple P Seminar Series is held on a Tuesday at 12:00pm in the PFSC Training Room, which is located in the Social Sciences Building (Building 24), Room s227.

The Triple P Seminar Series Schedule for 2012 is as follows:

31st January: Cheryl Seah - Baby Triple P

7-9 February: Helping Families Change Conference - Glasgow, Scotland

27 March: Michael Heard, Tracey Evans, Jessica Ahern - Prem Baby Triple P

Arpil (date to be confirmed): Claire Chandler - Taking Care Triple P

May (date to be confirmed): Melanie Palmer - The Impact of Providing Brief Parenting Support on the Management of Stress in Adults

June (date to be confirmed): Alina Morawska, Amy Mitchell - Asthma/Eczema Triple P

July (date to be confirmed): Sabine Baker - Brief Online Triple P

August (date to be confirmed): Jamin Day - Triple P Online

September (date to be confirmed): Lauren Hodge - Indigenous Triple P

October (date to be confirmed): Honours Student Presentations

November (date to be confirmed): Karyn Healy - Resilience Triple P Outcomes

December (date to be confirmed): John Picerking, James Kirby - End of Year Review


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