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International Collaborations

The following projects are being conducted in collaboration with other research groups, agencies or government departments.

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Diversity and Parenting

(In collaboration with the University of South Carolina, funded by Centers for Disease Control, USA, The University of Queensland and the Queensland Government)

The project will bring together researchers working with ethnically diverse population, in order to examine the cultural appropriateness and acceptability of parenting strategies promoted in the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program. The partnership will develop a theoretical model of the factors relating to parenting among ethnically diverse groups, as well as the cultural variables which contribute to parental engagement with parenting intervention. The model will be pilot tested as part of the partnership in order to develop a collaborative funding proposal to determine the effectiveness and acceptability of parenting intervention with ethnically diverse groups.

Chief Investigators: Dr Alina Morawska, Professor Matt Sanders, Dr Cheri Shapiro and Professor Ron Prinz

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European Survey of Parenting Practices

(In collaboration with Universität Bielefeld, Germany)

This project will examine parenting practices and child behaviour across several European countries, to provide an evidence base for informing policy and practice in relation to parenting support.

Chief Investigators: Professor Matt Sanders, Dr Alina Morawska and Professor Nina Heinrichs

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International Parent Survey

The International Parent Survey (IPS) is a web based survey of parental views on various aspects of family life and parenting, which has been developed to address this gap in the population level assessment of parenting. It is a collaboration between the Parenting and Family Support Centre, The University of Queensland, and the University of Bielefeld, Department of Psychology, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. The aims of this collaborative survey project are to:

  • Strengthen links between international researchers working in the field of population based approaches to parenting intervention.
  • Establish cross-national baseline data on parenting practices, parenting needs and child emotional and behavioural adjustment, as well as parental participation, and investigating aids and barriers to engagement in parenting programs.
  • Create an international database on parent consumer preferences in relation to parenting interventions.
  • Give voice to all parents, including fathers and those from diverse cultural backgrounds, on their preferences in relation to parenting interventions.

Chief Investigators: Nina Heinrichs, Alina Morawska, Matt Sanders
Project Coordinator: Alina Morawska

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Parenting in the Workplace

(in collaboration with The University of Manchester and the Respect Taskforce, funded by the Home Office, UK)

This is a survey of over 15 UK organisations canvassing opinions and experiences about employees balancing work and family. Specifically it assesses levels of work and family conflict, stress, child problem behaviours as well as identifying employees’ preferences for parenting programs delivered in the workplace.

Principal Investigators: Professor Matt Sanders, Ms Divna Haslam, Ms Clare Southwell

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Reaching a Balance

(in collaboration with The University of Manchester, UK)

This project involves a pilot test of a self-directed version of Triple P for parents with bipolar disorder. The University of Manchester is recruiting parents who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and who have children aged 3 to 10 years. Parents taking part in a 10-week self-help parenting skills program will be compared with parents in a wait list control group.


Principal Investigators: Dr Rachel Calam, Dr Steven Jones, Professor Matt Sanders

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The Great Parenting Experiment

(in collaboration with The University of Manchester, funded by The Home Office, UK)

The present study extends the existing research by evaluating the impact of a media intervention (a television series on parenting) with and without the addition of a structured self-directed program. The parenting series captures the experiences of five UK families as they go through Group Triple P. The screening of the series has created a unique opportunity to conduct a natural experiment where an evidence-based program is delivered through a TV medium to an estimated 3-4 million viewers in the UK. The research examines whether the effects of the media can be enhanced by the provision of a structured self-help program, with email support for parents. This is an exciting intervention trial that has not previously been conducted anywhere else.

Chief Investigators: Dr Rachel Calam and Professor Matt Sanders
Project Coordinator: Ms Sue-Ann Carmont

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U.S. Triple P System Population Trial

(in collaboration with University of South Carolina, funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA)

The project focuses on an effectiveness trial involving multi-level parenting interventions aimed at the prevention of child maltreatment. The project will examine at a population level the broad implementation of Triple P - Positive Parenting Program. Through involvement of community services (e.g., primary care, public health, social services, mental health, early childhood education, media) the project tests broad strategies aimed at preventively reducing risk for child maltreatment in the population and promoting positive parenting to reduce parenting stress and child behaviour problems. The reference population includes families with at least one child in the birth to eight-year range. The trial involved randomization of 18 counties in South Carolina to intervention or control conditions, implementation of the entire Triple P - Positive Parenting Program in the intervention counties, and multiple methods of tracking impact with respect to prevention of child maltreatment, reduction of child behaviour problems and strengthening of parenting skills.

Principal Investigators: Professor Ron Prinz and Professor Matthew Sanders

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