PFSC - Research - Triple P Research Network (TPRN)

Triple P Research Network (TPRN)

The TPRN is a network of leading international researchers who work in the field of parenting, prevention and implementation science. Network members use the Triple P — Positive Parenting Program as one example of an evidence-based system of intervention in order to address key research questions. The network builds on an existing set of informal and formal collaborative relationships with a view to enhancing collaboration potential and discussion among all network members and extending our research and policy impact.

Our Mission:

Use scientific excellence to improve the well-being of children and families everywhere.

Our goals:

  • To advance the knowledge of parenting and evidence-based systems of intervention in the prevention and treatment of child social-emotional and behaviour problems.
  • To conduct rigorous science to develop best practices to improve the functioning of children, parents and families from an individual level to a population level.
  • To assist in population level reductions in the prevalence of child social- emotional and behaviour problems.

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